Camperized bus in front of rocks

COMING SOON: Wildewood Custom Homes goes TINY!
                      AND Wildewood Custom Homes ON WHEELS!

Wildewood Custom Homes is happy to announce that we are taking our specialist skills in healthy homes and environmental building in two new directions! First, we are going TINY! We have made many exquisite small healthy living spaces over the years, long before tiny became trendy. In a small living space, design is critical, from the standpoint of esthetics, functionality, and the health of the occupants. We have the skills to make all of your tiny house dreams come true! And remember, in a small space, the impact of materials is magnified, so building with safe materials and methods is critical. We also have experience in all the nuts and bolts you need to consider; from ventilation to solar to alternate sewage disposal.

Next, Wildewood is going ON THE ROAD! After our experiences helping friends design their custom  homes on wheels, then building first a larger schoolie for adventuring during our homeschool years, and more recently a disability friendly shuttle bus conversion for our own use, we are ready to offer our skills to folks who want their tiny (or even pretty darn big!) homes to be rolling! All we know about building, big and small can be applied to the rolling home that will rev your motor. Whether it’s a tiny home with the wheels to take it from one semi-permanent location to another, or the schoolie of your dreams, a crafty caravan or a great big custom coach conversion, we will put our decades of experience in better building and safer, greener home environments at your service.

Whether you are dreaming big or small, sited on your new property or crafted to move you from one great vista to the next, Wildewood can help you make it happen. Look for more info upcoming on the site! Meanwhile, please give us a call to talk about how we can help you create your custom home.